Except Dodgeball, not Soccer

Back in February, Velan Studios and EA showcased the reveal trailer for Knockout City, a only-of-its-kind team based multiplayer dodgeball game set in a gorgeous world that visually reminds me of a cross between Overwatch and Sunset Overdrive. As a long-time player and fan of another…

Slowing Down the Ice Crusade

Stasis has solely ruled Destiny’s PvP scene ever since it’s introduction in Beyond Light and ever since then it’s been unanimously hated. From Shatterdive spamming Hunters to the unkillable Titan Behemoth super, Stasis took away all the joy from crucible for what seemed like the…

A Moonglow Bay Preview

Fishing minigames within games possess a certain reputation among gamers alike, they’re exclusively beloved because not only are they addicting and fun, but some showcase a calmer, more chill side of otherwise hectic, action packed games. I’m looking at you Monster Hunter World and Warframe. I’ve…

Jarrod Prizzi

Quarter of a century old, spend my days gaming, making game news videos on YouTube, and practicing video game journalism.

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