Loot Lovers Rejoice Post-April 1st

Great loot games are on the way

It’s no secret that loot based games are a very popular genre with games like Destiny 2 still boasting millions of players four years after launch and Diablo 3 keeping players around for double that time with their consistently updated seasons. The act of obtaining loot, getting rare drops, fighting bosses, teaming up with friends, and creating builds based on how blessed you are by the RNG gods is why these kinds of games are my favorite. Looking back, I really have to thank my uncle for pulling me away from Need for Speed on my PlayStation 2 to show me this game he’s been playing for a long time. That game was Diablo 2. That one moment changed my life because if not for him there’s a chance I’d still only be playing arcade racers and platformers. Instead, almost every game I play now has some sort of loot mechanic or completely revolves around loot as it’s main attraction.

I’m always perusing the upcoming and newly released games section on Steam in search of these under-the-radar hack n’ slash dungeon crawlers akin to the likes of Diablo, or the next exciting looter shooter that can maybe finally give Destiny some competition. I know I’m not the only one who can’t get enough of the dopamine spike of finding super rare items while slaying massive amounts of enemies simultaneously, so here’s three loot based games that are coming very soon that you should be looking forward to if you’re anything like me.


This one is a bit more obvious as it’s been marketed to hell and back thanks to Square Enix being the publisher, but it’s worth a mention here for sure due to the huge potential this game has shown with its recently released open demo. If you haven’t heard, Outriders places you in the shoes of a soldier called an Outrider, who is struck by a weird storm on an alien planet that the last remaining humans are trying to colonize. Unlike many others who were hit by this storm, you survive and are given abilities but due to being forced into cryosleep you miss the next thirty years and wake up to a war ravaged planet with humans fighting other humans and crazy weird alien stuff going on (best way to explain it). For the most part the story leaves something to be desired, at least from my initial thoughts of the demo, and the cover system seems a little out of place and wonky in a game like this because you barely end up ever using cover once you get good gear, but that’s not why we’re talking about Outriders. We’re talking about Outriders because I love loot, you love loot, and there’s loot in this game, a good amount of it too.

Rarog’s Gaze Legendary Rifle

The highest rarity tier in Outriders is legendary, and there are 46 legendary weapons and 95 legendary armor pieces to find. Drop rates for these are very low but that’s a good thing because it gives you reasons to keep playing, if the 141 legendaries rained from the sky Borderlands style, you’d have them all in no time and there’s no dopamine rush that way. There’s also four other rarities and hundreds of mods that can be used in crafting to alter your weapons and armor. Couple this with the four distinct classes, large skill trees, weapon upgrade system, 15 world tiers, and intriguing end-game content, you’ve got a game with epic build diversity, exciting loot, and long-term challenge, which is literally every loot lovers dream. And you can play it with friends, what more could you want?

Legendary Armor Set & Weapons

Unfortunately Outriders is not a live-service game which is odd because most looter shooters are these days, so post-launch content is up in the air. That also means it probably won’t phase Destiny too much in terms of competition because Outriders will eventually just… end. Whereas Destiny will go on for many more years. Outriders releases on April 1st for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, and you can get it for free on Game Pass which is a literal steal.

The Ascent

This game has been one of my most anticipated titles ever since it’s announcement during an Inside Xbox showcase almost a year ago, because it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. It looks like a sci-fi Diablo, a dream game of mine. Where instead of looting flaming swords and fantasy armor, you’re getting futuristic guns and cybernetic enhancements. Although official info on The Ascent is limited, we know that it’s a solo or co-op action RPG set in a cyberpunk world called Veles, a metropolis home to creatures from all over the galaxy and a place where corporations own you. The largest corporation that makes the world go round collapses and sends the city into chaos and everyone is left to fend for themselves. Gangs and factions start going to war, security systems go haywire, and rival corporations rise up. Your goal is to find out what started the collapse, while getting dope loot on the way there of course.

Once again though, info is limited when it comes to loot in The Ascent. Loot drops how it does in every action RPG, but we don’t know how many gear slots there are, and we don’t know what gear looks like. I managed to get a reply on Twitter from the Creative Director of The Ascent when asked about loot rarities and he stated “All the loot is manually made (with descriptions, etc.) instead of RNG but they span several (what we internally call) tiers of quality. Weapons you always get at its base level that you can upgrade with a special resource.” So a little less like Diablo and more like Destiny. Less RNG, more specifically created items that have a pool of stats, perks, etc. It’s loot though, with “tiers of quality” so I’m still excited. There’s also cyberware that you can modify your body with, which I imagine is the skill trees, and different equipment you can adorn, so I remain pumped to see more.

Apart from the small gameplay trailers we’ve seen, there’s been almost no info or marketing for the game since the reveal last year. Hopefully that changes with the Xbox event slated for tomorrow, March 26th, that’s showing off new titles and new announcements for previously revealed games, with The Ascent supposedly being one of them. The Ascent launches later this year on Xbox Series X/S and Steam.

The Slormancer

I just found out about this game last week and it’s just about to be released into Early Access on Steam come April 6th and I couldn’t be happier. The Slormancer is Slormite Studio’s first game and a 2D action RPG with absolutely gorgeous pixel art. There’s the classic story of good and evil here where you find yourself as the last hope of the realm and have to take down the mighty Slormancer before he conquers the world. Okay, cool. But that’s not what stands out here, what stands out is the massive amount of replay ability, build diversity, and loot.

The Slormancer features three unique classes with 200 abilities, upgrades, and passives to customize and master, with each ability having its own skill tree allowing you to shape how the ability acts, and there’s another completely separate skill tree with 150 elemental based skills and passives as well. There’s normal, magic, rare, and epic loot rarities with completely random properties, legendary items with unique affixes, and 120 unique weapons for every class called Slorm Reapers, that give you super powerful effects and can be evolved into better forms via an item leveling system. This system can level up items and upgrade them infinitely and you can swap out items you’ve found in the game at any time. This means all the loot you’ve accumulated gets saved in a mass inventory collection system where you have the freedom to swap out different items, skills, abilities, and even your class whenever you want, giving you the freedom and flexibility to change how you play almost instantly. This is the most amount of item and ability customization I think I’ve ever seen in any game ever and I’m all for it. I was so excited to talk about the loot in this game that I forgot to even mention the gameplay so here’s a trailer for you.


If you love loot, play The Slormancer. It releases on Steam Early Access on April 6th.

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